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Dedicated Server SPAM Email Blocking - Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just had a period of time where SpamBots were trying to send large amounts of spam to my dedicated webserver. I would often have well over 100 SMTP connections to my server, but checking the spool and the log files can see that they didn't get very far and my Spam filtering systems blocked them from even sending the messages.

As of today they've given up on my email servers IP address and we're back down to normal traffic.

It did give me the opportunity to refresh some of my SPAM filtering configuration and have tightened things even further.

Gone are the days of using software on my home PC to filter out SPAM. I used to get over 1000 SPAM emails per day and now I get maybe 5 SPAM emails per day. This is ideal because the computers are not having to even read the emails to decide if they're SPAM the email server is actually blocking them from arriving in its own email queue.



  Orange Wandoo Hosting SMTP Email Problem Minimize

Problem sending email through your website hosted email server via Orange/Wanadoo? - Monday, September 17, 2007

Recently Orange/Wandoo decided that they would limit the amount of spam emails going through their network. In a unilateral action they decided to stop all traffic on port 25 of everyones IP address. Port 25 is the default port used to send email out via an SMTP server (Simple Mail Transport Protocol). This pretty much stops everyone sending emails out via any email server other than the orange servers or anyone using webmail like hotmail etc.

What can you do? Quite simply your hosting provider may be able to enable an alternative port on the email server that Orange hasn't blocked. For example many server administrators use port 2525 because it's easy to remember.

Good luck! (I recently ditched Orange and have switched over to Tiscali - so far so good - faster and cheaper by far!!!!)

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Anti Spam Email Advice.

Why do I get Spam Emails?

Just like search engines crawl around the web identifying websites and web pages, some people have written automated software to harvest email addresses. These Spam harvesters gather millions of email addresses into spam databases and then automatically generate emails offering products and services to millions of people. The reason they send you spam emails is to generate profit from affiliated advertising programs. The more spam emails they send out the more money they can make.

How do I Stop myself receiving spam emails?

Many spam emails offer an opt out link BUT often by using this link all you are doing is confirming that your email address is a valid email address for them to send spam emails too from another database! The simple and not so helpful solutions is never fill in any online forms on web sites that you think may send you spam email and never publish your email addresses on any web sites at all.

This isn't a good method if you rely on the internet and email for your business. The best method is to use spam email filtering software to siphon off spam emails. Symantec's Norton Internet Security package comes with Norton Antivirus, Firewall and spam filtering technology. The downside with Norton is that you still have to physically download the spam emails before the filter moves them to a dedicated spam folder in Outlook.

A more efficient solution is to use software that deletes the spam emails from you mailbox before you actually download them. One such product is 'Mailwasher Pro' which costs under $30 and best of all you can get a free download to try it out. Click the banner below to go to the 'Mailwasher Pro' web site and buy the full version or just download the trial version and take it for a spin.

Why do I get spam emails from an email address at my own domain?

The spam email generating programs that spammers use will often generate an email address using your own details, prefixing any old name in front of the @ sign like tom, dick or in order to make you more likely to open their spam email. Because you are less suspicious of what you may think is an internal email they assume you will be more likely to open their spam email.

Do try Mailwasher Pro we have been very impressed with it's performance and now use it on all of the machines in our Offices as a first line of defence against spam emails.  We still use Norton Internet Security to help combat viruses and maintain security on our individual PC's but Mailwasher Pro is now filtering out the incoming spam emails before Norton even gets a whiff of them!


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