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 Carte Vitale France - LATEST NEWS! Minimize

CPAM English Language Help Line Number has Changed!

The old CPAM number was 0820 90 42 12 and it no longer works!

The New CPAM English Language Helpline - CPAM Tel Number is: 0811 36 36 46

French government's new decision on access to the French healthcare system for inactive citizens from other EU countries (24/01/08)

We are pleased to announce that the French government has acted upon representations made by the Embassy and the British expatriate community and has decided to allow all inactive EU nationals who were resident in France before 23 November 2007 to access healthcare via the CMU, both those who were registered in the CMU and those who were an E106 holder at that time.

The new rules requiring inactive EU nationals from other countries living in France after 23 November 2007 to seek private cover still apply, but will now not retrospectively affect people already resident in France before that date.

This information is based on what we have been told by the French authorities. As some individual experiences have shown so far, the new decision will understandably take time to be fully implemented nationwide, but in the meantime we suggest people seek further information and advice on individual cases by consulting one or more of the following:

Reply from French Health Minister Mme Roselyne Bachelot to representation made by HMA, British Embassy France - Click here for PDF Document

We suggest people seek further information and advice on individual cases from one or more of the following:

French Social Security website:
CPAM English speaking helpline : 0820 90 42 12

Information communicated by:
Léna EATON, Nationwide bilingual Insurers
Tel 02 97 40 80 20

 Carte Vitale France - Changes to the law Minimize

The following IMPORTANT changes to the French Healthcare System could affect you & your Carte Vitale: 

EU directive 2004/38 transposed in France by law 24 juillet 2006 and decree 2007-371 dated 21 march 2007.
Firstly, these measures are applicable to all EU nationals resident in France and who have not reached retirement age or who are not entitled to either an E106 or A109 and who are not working (therefore classed as « inactive »).

For those already resident in France with a CMU (Couverture Maladie Universelle) by the previous legislation and classed as « inactive » : They have an extension of their CMU cover for a period of 6 months from the 1st of October 2007 to obtain a private medical cover unless their « inactive » status changes in the meantime.

For the new « inactive » comers : They will be required to have their own private medical insurance before or on arrival in France.

For the E106 – E109 – E121 holders : On arrival in France, they ought to register with the French Authorities CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurances Maladie).
To find your local CPAM, click on the following link and type your French post code.
They will be covered by the State healthcare and can subscribe to a personal top up plan.

For those who work (employed or self employed) and are up to date with their social charges, they are automatically covered by the State healthcare, they can subscribe to a personal top up plan.

My words of advice : For the people who have so far been undecided about registring their business in France, it could be the time to do it.

Useful telephone number : CPAM English speaking help line 0820 90 42 12
New CPAM English Speaking Helpline Telephone Number !
CPAM Tel Number is: 0811 36 36 46

Agence EATON- Nationwide bilingual insurers Tel 0297 40 80 20
For information on Private and Top up plans

By Léna EATON, Agence EATON – Nationwide bilingual Insurers Tel 33 (0) 297 40 80 20

NB. Without a Carte Vitale you could be liable for payments for health care, including hospital charges wich soon add up with a few nights in hospital. Having a Carte Vitale means that you will not have to pay for most medical treetment at all, or at least only part of it. Having a Carte Vitale does not automatically give you 100% free healthg insurance, a top up plan may be advisable.

Contact for more information on French health care top up plans.



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