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Riding a motorbike in France is magic, despite the fact that they all drive on the wrong side of the road. Be careful I know a place where an English rider hit another head on because the English motorcyclist was riding on the left hand side of the road round a bend..... they didn't make it!

Things to carry when riding your motorbike in France

  • Log book
  • Insurance
  • Helmet

The above are compulsory - MOT shouldn't be required as bikes do not have MOT's in France.

Riding in a group of 8 or more motorbikes in France

If riding in a group of 8 or more bikes the lead rider and tail end charlie are supposed to be sporting fluorescent vests. From my experience this can be tricky as the order of a pack doesn't stay the same, so vests all round would be a good idea. Yes I know you'll look like a load of learners on direct access courses :o send me a picture of your group to go here and we'll all have a laugh. But then it's better being an old biker!

Motorcyclist recognition and thank you signals in France

Bikers in France don't tend to lift their hand to say hi to other riders or to say thanks to car drivers that has made way for them to pass safely. They tend to stick out a leg, obviously left leg as recognition of another motorcyclist going in the other direction and their right leg when thanking a motorist for making space for them. This seemed odd at first, but then keeping both hands on the bars is kind of a sensible idea.

Be safe and hope the French car drivers are thinking Bike!


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