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Package Sewage Treatment Plants in France
Micro stations d'épuration

Rules and regulations for fitting package sewage treatment plants in France
including updates on SPANC and EN12566-3 application.

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 Sewage Treatment Plants in France

Package Sewage Treatment Plants in France Micro station d'épuration

I've recently been taking a keen interest in Package Sewage Treatment Plants in France Micro station d'épuration as an alternative to a septic tank/fosse septique. The reasons being that despite having plenty of land in which I could install a new septic tank and vertical sand filter, I do not want to use up too much land, because I would like to use the land for building a new house in a couple of years time. Also sand filters that take the output of septic tanks can often clog up in only a few years, meaning you have to remove all the sand and have it replaced. The sand used in these filters is special filtration sand and quiet expensive!

There are as far as I know only three makes of Package Sewage Treatment Plants / micro station d'épuration in France that are actually approved to the EN 12566-3 European Norms.

  • WPL
  • Klargester
  • Biokube

WPL Package Sewage Treatment Plants / Micro station d'épuration come with a 15 year guarantee on the tank and a 5 year guarantee on their air pump. (For WPL France Click Here)

Klargester Package Sewage Treatment Plants / BioDisc Klargester France only come with a 1 year guarantee. (This I confirmed by calling the UK head office of Klargester - sources say that in France their reps are saying it has 10 years - but I've also heard this is only if you buy a maintenance contract, and it only covers labour - sound like a con to me!).

Biokube Package Sewage Treatment Plants / Micro station d'épuration are made in Denmark and distributed in France by a French company and they are way too expensive!

Although all of the above systems work and conform to the EN 12566-3 2005 directive, I have chosen to go with the WPL system for the following reasons:

Why Not Biokube in France?

The Biokube systems are much too expensive and still require the installation of a septic tank in front of the biokube Package Sewage Treatment Plant  / Micro station d'épuration. You also have to fit a normal septic tank as well was the above micro station d'epuration - the upside is the system will stay active much longer when the property is vacant due to the recirculating food source from the septic tank - downside: more holes to dig and land to devote to the system plus the added cost of the septic tank!

Why Not Klargester in France?

The Klargester units only come with a 1 year guarantee

I’ve heard from installers in the UK that they've had problems with the longevity of Klargester micro stations d'épuration, perhaps that is why they only have a one year guarantee. The word is that the galvanised tent poles they use to support the working parts of their tanks corrode and eventually you end up having to pick the bits out of the sludge at the bottom of the tank. That and their Biodisk units usually either break their drive belt or burn out their electric motor if there is a power cut of more than 6 hours, this is due to the scum layer going hard and jamming the biodisks. Mind you I can't imagine the electric motor lasting a long time anyway: being inside the tank with all of the highly corrosive gasses etc.
If anyone from Klargester can prove to me that the information that I've been given is not accurate I will amend these details.

Why Choose a WPL Package Sewage Treatment Plant / Micro station d'épuration in France?

The WPL systems do not have any metallic parts inside their tanks and their air pumps are housed externally, therefore no corrosion issues. The WPL Package sewage treatment plants come with a 10 year guarantee on their tanks and a 5 year guarantee on their air pumps.

I am currently trying to find a reliable supplier/installer of these systems in France, otherwise I will source one directly in the UK and ship it over myself. (A colleague of mine living in Brittany has started importing WPL sewage treatment plants into France :- contact for more information)

The Law in France for installing a Package Sewage Treatment Plant in France

As of July 2008 the European directive EN 12566-3 2005 is applicable in all European countries. However France is dragging its heals on implementing the directive and will often tell people that Sewage Treatment Plants or micro station d'épuration for a house are not allowed. This is not true, you can fit whatever you like, just so long as it doesn't pollute and is certified to EN 12566-3.

At present the French authorities are often trying to insist that these units have a secondary sand filter, much as you would see with a normal septic tank installation. These units however have outputs that are clean enough to feed directly into ditches and even rivers! The only time you should require a filter bed is if you do not have access to a ditch, river or if your property has long spells where it is not in use.



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