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 Brittany Property News Feed 2010

New Website for Brittany Property - Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A new website has launched to take the place of the new Brittany Property website is called: and takes over from where left off.

The new site is currently being revamped and is having new features added ready for some new estate agents to come on board and push the number of properties for sale in the websites database to well over 2000!!!

The French version of the website is also undergoing some work which will not only enhance its rankings with the search engines but will provide more methods for property buyers to drill down to find exactly the property that they are looking for in Brittany. The French website is:

New Brittany Property For Sale Website - Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new website has launched for an estate agency in Huelgoat. They sell properties in Central Brittany around the Huelgoat area. Huelgoat is in a wonderful part of Brittany and has some unspoilt landscapes as well as not being too far from the coast and ferry ports like Roscoff.

They have two websites, one in English and one in French: Brittany property for sale and Huelgoat Immobilier Bretagne

Nice people that run the agency and sure to bend over backwards to help you find what you are looking for!

France TVA Tax Renovating Property and getting TVA 5.5% - explained in English - Tuesday, February 03, 2009

France TVA Tax Rate - TVA 5.5% for property renovations in France - Explained.....

If you perform some work in a home, you can enjoy the reduced rate of VAT at 5.5% instead of 19.6%.  To do this, you must give the artisan a certificate confirming compliance with the conditions of application of the reduced rate.

 read more ...
Tourism in France and Overseas Property Investment Remains Strong - Monday, August 04, 2008

In news that will interest anyone looking at buying into Gites in France and other tourist rental property in France, a French minister has said the country has managed to sustain its visitor numbers much better than many of its European neighbours.

The junior tourism minister Herve Novelli says that France has seen less Americans this summer due to the weak dollar and less Chinese tourists, because they were hosting the Olympic Games.

The lack of American and Chinese tourists to France was made up for by an increase in Middle Eastern holidaymakers coming to France. Meanwhile Tourism in France remained popular with other European countries notably the UK.

This news could be an indication that the credit crunch has not depressed the French tourist market and that France remains very popular both as a tourist destination and a place to buy property.

Property in France remained the most favoured choice for UK overseas buyers last year, accounting for a little over 25% of overseas property investment.


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Tourism in France and Overseas Property Investment Remains Strong - Thursday, August 04, 2008

In news that will interest anyone looking at buying into Gites in France and other tourist rental property in France, a French minister has said the country has managed to sustain its visitor numbers much better than many of its European neighbours.

The junior tourism minister Herve Novelli says that France has seen less Americans this summer due to the weak dollar and less Chinese tourists, because they were hosting the Olympic Games.

The lack of American and Chinese tourists to France was made up for by an increase in Middle Eastern holidaymakers coming to France. Meanwhile Tourism in France remained popular with other European countries notably the UK.

This news could be an indication that the credit crunch has not depressed the French tourist market and that France remains very popular both as a tourist destination and a place to buy property.

Property in France remained the most favoured choice for UK overseas buyers last year, accounting for a little over 25% of overseas property investment.


New French Property Website - Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Now in Beta testing of a new French property website - The website will have properties for sale in every French Region including: Brittany Property, Normandy Property and Paris Property. See for more information and developments.  
Brittany Property Websites - Friday, March 28, 2008
Currently working on some new French nationwide and Brittany Property website designs, more news on that coming very soon. Just created a new section for an existing brittany properties website to sell your house in Brittany - click here.  
Brittany Property Slowdown? - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There is much speculation about the UK and French Property markets the moment. However the general consensus of Brittany estate agents at the moment is that people are still coming to look for Brittany Properties for sale, but some are being a little more hesitant to buy, or are finding it harder to sell the UK houses. Others however are in earnest to quit the UK before it goes down the tubes at the hands of Gordon Brown. If you can realise enough funds to escape to Brittany from the UK then you'll be glad of the peace and quiet when you get here!

A new French Property Website is opening it's doors to the whole of France after the success of it's Brittany Property website. The company AngloImmo is planning to take France by storm in the coming months, starting with the launch of a Normandy Property website in the next few weeks.



Brittany Properties website - Tuesday, March 04, 2008 is running under new management and is recruiting Brittany Estate Agents to market their Brittany Properties - though most of the north and east of Brittany now has agents signed up, there are still opportunities for the south and west of Brittany for Brittany Estate Agents.

The Goal of this real estate website is to be the best Brittany Property website and to provide the best choice in Brittany of Brittany Property for sale.

All sales contacts go directly to the estate agent responsible for each specific Brittany Property for sale.


French property boom - Wednesday, September 26, 2007
·       Property enquiries double over wettest summer since records began
·       2008 to be boom year for overseas property
·       European old favourites back on the up

Quick Roof Repair - Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Have been talking to an American company about a some of the products they sell in the states. One of the products is for quick Roof Repair especially after a hurricane.

The product is applied either with a spray gun like a garden pump up weed spray canister or even with brush or roller.

They have some other exciting waterproofing products that can be used for sealing cellars and walls against water ingress upto 400psi!!!! Which is the same specification as the channel tunnel.

Will pass on more details as they become available.


Brittany Properties - Capital Gains Tax in France - Thursday, May 19, 2005

Having recently sold a property and business in Brittany I thought I'd relay some information about CGT or in French 'Plus Value'.

If your property is your principal residence then you don't pay CGT on the increase in value of your Brittany property. If your property is a holiday cottage then you will pay CGT on the difference between what you bought it for, what you sell it for and how much you've spent on the renovation. Keeping invoices from tradesmen that have worked on your property is very important.

If however a part of your Brittany property is operating as a business such as Gites then you maybe liable to pay CGT if the value of the property is over 300,000 Euros. If your property is mixed between a house for yourselves and then Gites/Cottages a value will have to be worked out by your Notaire for the value of the Gites and the house so that only the Gites/Cottages will be liable for CGT - only if they are valued in excess of 300,000 Euros.

This is how it worked for us, though the French Property laws are changing and it's always best to discuss your Brittany Property sale with your Notaire and or Accountant.

Good Luck!


Buying Gites in Brittany and making a living in France - Thursday, April 07, 2005

Many people moving to Brittany France opt to buy a property that has Gites or can have Gites after some renovation work. This is a fairly straight forward approach to moving to Brittany France and having a business to generate a living.

One thing that some unethical estate agents may try and tell you is that you can easily rent your Gites out for 40 weeks of the year and you can easily make a living off two Gites. This I find hard to credit,  after four years of renting Gites in Brittany I've found that you should base your business plan on a pretty much guaranteed July and August season, the rest of the year will be bonus. July and August will also provide the greatest amount of return on effort for renting out your Gites because the demand is at a peak and therefore your Gite rental prices will be at much a higher rate than the rest of the year. Whichever way you look at it July and August will be the period of maximum earnings.

If your property has a swimming pool or is near to the sea or some other touristic location you will be able to charge higher rates than for a simple Gite / Cottage in the countryside. Though you may still struggle to fill your Gites out of season.

Before the Internet came along everyone relied on publications like Chez Nous to market their Gites in Brittany. Now it seems that most people are searching the Internet and making bookings directly with Gite owners by email. So you must get yourselves a website, if nothing else it will save you time and money in not having to send out brochures. Then you should get yourself listed onto websites that accept listings from Gite owners, paid or for free. We always filled our Gites in Brittany using and    

Selling Property in Brittany France - Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Are you thinking about selling your property in Brittany? What are your obligations toward the buyer?

You are supposed to inform the buyer about everything you know. The law goes even further and when you are about to sell your Brittany property (apartment or house), you are in charge of having your property inspected by a specialist registered and insured.

Depending on the type of the house, where it is situated (region), when it was built, you will need to have the surface of the land, asbestos, lead or termites checked.

If those tests are not done and the buyer find asbestos (for example) after the sale, you could be held responsible (up to thirty years after the sale) and you would have to pay for the "désamiantage " (removal of asbestos) from the property.

Today, it is taking a great risk to commit yourself directly with a home owner or even if you are selling a house without being informed.

Don’t hesitate to contact your notaire about this matter.

Information courtesy of who handle property sales, inheritance tax and offer a large selection of properties for sale in Brittany.


French Property Prices - Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I came across a figure for the average property price rise in France for 2004. The figure is 15.5% which indicates a healthy property market despite the slow down in the UK market.

Speaking to some Brittany Property experts I'm not sure if we're just waiting for a delay in the interaction between the UK property prices to start to affect the Brittany Property prices or, if as some suspect the UK property market doesn't figure highly in the drive of the French property market.

We'll just have to wait and see! In the meantime to air your views on the Brittany property market why not do it in our Brittany Property Forums?


Brittany Property prices - Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Property prices in Brittany are still on the up. Despite the slow down in the UK housing market, the French market is still going strong.

Many people are under the misconception that the rising property prices in Brittany and accross France is due to the influx of British property buyers. However they are just a part of the equation.

Since the baby boom in the mid 60's many joung people left places like Brittany to go and work in Paris, or in the big cities like Rennes. Now they are approaching retirement adge and are looking to get out of the city and into the Brittany countryside.

The same rules apply here as in the UK. Most Town and city properties have rocketed in value, meaning that a property owner can sell their town house and buy a Brittany property in the delightfull countryside and have change in the bank plus lots more space.

We are all living in the same kind of market economies and human nature doesn't change, whether it's in Brittany France or Surrey England the same motives drive individual aspirations and Property Prices.


 French Property Buying Process in France

Essential reading!
For anyone buying or selling properties in France.

New rules and regulations on reports that must be provided as part of a property sale in France. Including the normal Asbestos report but now also including such things as Energy Efficiency Report, Gas and Electrical installation reports.....

Click Here To read the full article

 Brittany Property For Sale

The "Loi Hoguet" French property Law

The law in France is there to protect all those buying property in France and imposes restraints on those selling French real estate. Ensure that you are protected by or operating within the law. If a buyer, ask for your agent’s bona fides in the shape of his carte professionnelle. If you deal in French property and run a “Property Find/Management service” or fancy yourself as an “Estate Agent”, make sure you are “en règle” wherever your registered office is, a UK Ltd company is not an option if you have any personnel acting on your behalf in France. Attempt to operate otherwise in French property transactions and you could end up paying a hefty fine or worse, going to prison.

Click here to see the full article. 

 Brittany Property Study on the Blavet Valley

A Focus on Property in the Blavet Valley / Pontivy area of Morbihan (dept 56)

In Brittany, bare facts about the housing market make interesting reading. House prices have been rising steadily since 2001 and in the last four years the average price of apartments has risen 49%, houses by 44% and building land by 39%.

These average figures do, however, mask important disparities between different areas within the region, with the centre of Brittany continuing to profit from an influx of British buyers.

Click here to see the full article...

 Brittany Property - Bread Oven - Use?

Just got back from seeing my girlfriend in Nice in the South of France and found this email from a friend who has a property in Brittany equipped with a Bread oven......and his illuminating experience ;)

A bit of amusement from the land of France ...
Was busily working away today when I realised that things were all going rather well and nothing had gone wrong for some time ..  So I checked my "impending doom" spreadsheets and found disaster was indeed overdue !  Safety being paramount I downed sharp pointy things and went in search of something less dangerous to do until "doom" had passed ...
Hiding away in a corner of my Brittany Property I have a "bread oven" a 10 foot wide and ten foot high stone dome with three foot thick walls .. used by the ancient French, British, welsh or whomever was here at the time .. to make bread ...  However it looks like for the last hundred years or so it's been used as a tip ! The front's collapsed so the opening that's left is about 5 foot up and about a foot square opening into a dark void of endless rubbish and a few cold mice ...
As it's a bit of a chilly day I thought I'd try to warm the mice and get rid of the rubbish in one easy step ...  So in went a good few splashes of petrol (with some two stroke oil that was too richly mixed) .. applied liberally in the fashion of a brut advert ...
My trusty matches in hand, poised (balanced) by the opening, I stuck a couple of matches ... now at this point a light bulb should have popped into my head and worked out that an enclosed area with only one entrance and exit, with lots of rubbish and petrol in, which when ignited would very rapidly give off massive amounts of expanding gas ...  alas .. no such light bulb appeared and the crazy hermit haplessly flung his lit matches into the impending mouth of hell ...
Everything happened very quickly from there on .....  The next thing I remember was an exceedingly loud bang and finding myself several feet away propped up against the side of the next building, surrounded by a large cloud of smoke and dust !  After a quick brush down I found I was only lightly smouldering .... as was the ivy on the side of the building !   Lost the box of matches and my hat - both subsequently found !  and the dog buggered off for 15 minutes !!
The initial pain to just about everywhere subsided quickly ! as did the smouldering !  I think the top layer of rubbish was heavily covered in earth, dust and a selection of small sharp stones - most of which tried to embed themselves in my flesh !  My jacket's trashed - my sleeves were full of earth - probably because my arms were pointing towards hell as everything let loose ..  My face looked like someone had just let off a comedy exploding cigar !  After a quick shower I was left with minor flash burns to ears, nose, forehead and cheeks ..  bruising and small lacerations to forehead, cheeks, lips, cheeks and hands ..  and one hell of a headache !!  not to mention a strange earthy BBQ smell which may stay with me for weeks ...
Still, it's a laugh !!!
At least I don't live in a nudist colony !!
Skinny fried French bloke.

So be warned take all precautions necessary when lighting your Bread Oven in Brittany!!! My French girlfriend is a nurse and tells me that people injured whilst lighting fires with petrol is very common - sad really because I have a tendency myself to light bonfires at my Brittany Property with lashings of Petrol - To keep her happy I now use Paraffin, much less volatile!!!! On the other hand I occasionally will use a little Sodium Chlorate and Icing Sugar to give things a helping hand - never in a Bread Oven though!!!!!

 Buying Brittany Properties for renovation or conversion - ZONAGE

If you are looking to buy a run down farm or part of a small hamlet in Brittany with the aim of creating a gite complex or even a larger house for yourselves, be sure to check the property’s zonage before buying.

These zones are identified on the Plan d’Occupation des Sols (POS) which is kept at the Mairie.


Property Building and Renovation 'Zones Urbaines' in Brittany France

Zones Urbains
UA and UB Housing zones where new houses, extensions and conversions are permitted
UC A housing zone with lighter density
UE For areas of commerce and industry
Zones Naturelles
NA There are sub zones in this category. Some will be eventually re-zoned U Others are destined for tourism and sport
NB There is a possibility to build or convert in this zonage
NC Reserved for agriculture No new build. Some conversions allowed and small extensions allowed Beware !
ND Protected areas of ecological value

Obviously the zonage of your Brittany Property is going to have great importance with your immediate and future Building and Renovation projects so before signing to buy your Brittany Property be sure to check the Zonage either directly with the Mairie or with your Estate Agent or Notaire.

This Brittany Property Information kindly provided by SARL Welby – Registered Builders in

 Brittany Property Maintenance

Brittany Property Winter Checks
& Property Maintenance

Have you got peace of mind that your Brittany Property is safe and secure over the Winter months?

There are registered companies who can visit your Brittany property for you and inspect it both externally & internally for any signs of damage.
They can send you a property report on the same day & any areas that may need attention will be photographed & emailed to you along with the property report.
If any remedial action is then needed they can get quotations for the required works.

Below we have listed the main essential Brittany property checks.

External Property Checks

Internal Property Checks

External security check of properties windows, doors and shutters Check all rooms for signs of leaks
Check roof for signs of damage Check all rooms for damp
Check gutters and down pipes Check for rodent activity
Check the properties boundaries General internal security
  Check for signs of power failure – following storms
Most companies will also check any other areas of your Brittany property that you would like checked.

Checks can be completed as often as you would like: Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Additional checks can be arranged following extreme weather Conditions ( Storms / Severe Winds / Snow )

In many cases out of site is out of mind, but do you want to spend most of your holidays repairing your property?

The above information is based on details kindly supplied by a registered company that can keep an eye on your property in Brittany through the winter season. They can also provide Gite handovers, gardening services etc. For more information visit their website now:

 Buying a Property in Brittany or a Chateau in France

The Time is Right to Buy a French Chateau   by Seb Jay


Buying a French chateau is the ultimate real estate dream. What could be more inspiring than relaxing in a luxurious room of your own 18th century French chateau, listening to the crackle of a roaring fire in the grate while gazing out over your own private lake?

If your dream is to one day own a French chateau, today should be the day that you act upon that dream!

The reality of buying a French chateau is that the purchase process could not be easier. Many French chateau vendors speak excellent English and there is a whole raft of information now available, courtesy of the Internet, that can help make the purchase of your French chateau a breeze. Furthermore, French chateaux for sale today are very affordable too!

The Price of French Chateaux
When you do your research you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that a French chateau will not cost you the earth to buy. An 8-bed French chateau in Burgundy set within 2.75 Ha of wooded park, which comes complete with a pool, pond and dovecote, can be yours for just 763,200 Euros! Translated into US dollars that's a little over 900,000 USD.

The strength of the British Pound against the Euro means that for British buyers a French chateau is exceptional value - even more so than for American buyers. The 8-bed French chateau example above would cost British buyers just over £500,000 GBP. Given that a comparable building in the UK with the same amount of charm and character would command a purchase price of at least double, and more likely treble that value, buying a French chateau can all of a sudden seem like a financially sound move to make.

A French Chateau for Commercial Purposes
Of course, not all prospective purchasers of French chateaux have identical visions of French property ownership. Many see French chateaux as a French property investment opportunity that will generate an income. The right type of French chateau in the right location in France could make for an ideal conversion to a hotel, offices or French equestrian facility. The income potential is massive!

So, is it time for you to make a move and begin your search for a French chateau? If the time is right - and there's no time like the present - why not visit a French chateau website like to see what's available. It could just prove to be the start of an awesome French adventure!

About the Author

Seb Jay is a freelance writer and co-owner of First Select Property Limited.


How to buy property in France   by G D Gibbs


The information is based on our understanding of French property law and practice at the date of publication. We cannot guarantee its accuracy. Specific advice applicable to your own circumstances should be obtained from a French Notary and/or relevant professional bodies.

Finding the right property

You may have already decided on a specific area or you may have a French region in mind, having been there on holiday for example. Finding a property in France is a similar process to that in other countries. There are many estate agents in France (agents immobiliers) who will put you in touch with people selling property. Alternatively, there are estate agents in the UK, for example, who have details on French properties. There are also many specialist magazines available for people interested in the French way of life. These publications offer useful contacts and property advertisements.

Many home buyers are attracted by the fact that property prices in France appear to be lower than abroad. There are reasons for this and before you start you should be aware of the following points:

• French domestic property is not usually bought as an investment. Apart from some very fashionable or highly sought after areas, prices usually rise in line with inflation. Therefore, you would need to own a home for at least three years to recover the high fees associated with buying, even before considering maintenance or improvement costs. • France has a similar population to the UK but is three times the size. There is therefore less pressure on land and hence lower prices. • That isolated farm cottage set between vineyards and a stream may require major renovation. It might not have the same appeal to a French family, hence the lower price and you should consider possible difficulties of resale in the years to come.

Initial agreement to purchase a property

Having found a suitable property, you will negotiate and enter into an initial agreement with the vendor. This agreement is called a 'Compromis de Vente' or 'Contrat de réservation' and is a binding contract between the buyer and seller which sets out the terms and price of the sale.

For new properties being built the most common contract is a 'contract de reservation' (a reservation contract). There are various other contracts such as a promise to purchase (promesse d'achat), an exchange of letters (l'échange de lettres) and an offer of sale (l'offre de vente), all of which offer little protection to the buyer, and generally should be avoided. The preliminary contract will include a full description of the property, the latest date by which completion must take place, the price, any escape clauses and the identity of both the vendor and purchaser. The preliminary contract can be signed either at the notaire's office or at the estate agency.

If you are making a purchase with a mortgage, you should at least instruct the notaire/estate agent to make your purchase conditional upon obtaining a mortgage: 'conditions suspensives'. This will offer you further protection under French Consumer Law. Upon signing this preliminary agreement the purchaser has to place a deposit with the notaire, which is normally 10% of the purchase price and will be deducted from the sale price. The property is then taken off the market. It is better to think of this deposit as a payment on account or a penalty for breaking the contract. Having said this, a law passed on 1 June 2000 does grant you a seven-day cooling off period during which time you can withdraw from the agreement. * Stamp Duty and registration fees will need to be paid at completion when the agreement will be filed at the notaire's office. As a guideline, the notaire's fees, Stamp Duty and Registration fees will add up to around 6% to 8% of the purchase price for existing properties. For new properties they will amount to around 2% to 4% of the purchase price. As the French tax and succession regimes are different from many other countries, to ensure tax efficiency and problem free transfers on death you may wish to consider instructing a solicitor based in your home country to advise you.

By law, the purchaser can insert clauses into the agreement. The seller, of course, has to agree to these.

* Although the preliminary contract is binding on both the seller and the purchaser after this cooling off period, you should note that the sale will still be subject to the notaire formally checking the title to the property.

The Notaire A French notaire is a publicly appointed official who is responsible for ensuring the property has good title (ie, no irregularities in the ownership) and that the purchase or sale is correctly transacted. Because notaries are personally responsible for the contracts drawn up they must be objective in the advice they give and be impartial in their dealings with the parties concerned. A notaire represents neither the seller nor the buyer but the French Government. They can also act for a client anywhere in France. The same notaire therefore usually acts for both the vendor and the purchaser. This is not obligatory and you can appoint your own notaire if you wish. The fees (paid by the purchaser) are fixed by law and will be split between both notaires if two are appointed. You should be aware that the notaire's job is to finalise the agreement he has been told has been recorded. He is not there to advise or warn the purchaser of any inadequacies in it. His role is therefore very different from that of a solicitor. If you are making a purchase with a mortgage, you should at least instruct the notaire/estate agent to make your purchase conditional upon obtaining a mortgage: 'conditions suspensives'. This will offer you further protection under French Consumer Law. Upon signing this preliminary agreement the purchaser has to place a deposit with the notaire, which is normally 10% of the purchase price and will be deducted from the sale price. Completion Completion is when the final deed of sale is signed and legal ownership is transferred to the buyer. It is at this point that the balance of the purchase price plus any extras such as the notaire's fees, taxes and duties are due. The monies will be paid directly by the bank to the notaire. The final act is the signing of the deed of sale (acte de vente) which will take place in the notaire's office. It is normal for both parties to be present when the deed of sale is read, signed and witnessed by the notaire. It is good advice to attend in person at the notaire's office for the signing and witnessing of the deed of sale. However, if this is not possible you may invoke a power of attorney. Each page has to be initialled by both the seller and buyer and both must sign the last page after writing in French 'bon pour accord' which means they have understood and accept the terms. There are no title deeds as such in France and proof of ownership is provided and guaranteed by registration of the property at the Land Registry. The Land Registry's stamp is put on the deed of sale and the notaire gives a certified copy to the buyer around two months after completion of the sale. Rates and Taxation Taxe Fonciere This is a land tax. The size of the property determines how much is paid and owners of new properties are exempt for the first two years. The tax is paid by the person owning the property on 1 January of each year with payment due in the final quarter of the year. However, if the property ownership changes then the purchasers must usually reimburse the sellers for their share. Taxe d'habitation This is a local services tax. It covers the services and maintenance provided by the local council and again is payable annually in the last quarter of the year. The estate agent will advise you of the taxes in relation to your own property and tell you how much you will need to pay. The tax demands will be sent to the address of the French property. French Inheritance laws and Taxation These are specialist areas and we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice. French inheritance laws are particularly different to those abroad. You are well advised to take legal advice on these matters before completing the purchase. You may also be liable to French tax if you derive any income from the property, ie, letting fees. You must register with the French Taxation Centre for Non-Residents when you buy the property. France has signed taxation treaties with most countries which means that you avoid double taxation.

About the Author

I publish and edit a free french property magazine entitled Your-move-france. I also operate a website Both are independant and not linked to any agent or organisation.


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