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 Freesat English Satellite TV in France Minimize

Free English Satellite TV in France – Freesat BBC & ITV - NOT A SKY service!

If you are thinking of setting up, or replacing your English satellite television system in France, don’t make the mistake I nearly made of thinking it has to be SKY in France.

On the 6th of May 2008 a new, FREE, English satellite TV service was launched by BBC / ITV FREESAT.  This joint venture is to provide FREE English satellite television coverage to all of the UK, via existing satellites, when the terrestrial signals are switched off.   THE NEW FREESAT ENGLISH SATELLITE TV IN FRANCE IS ALREADY IN OPERATION.      OK, it is intended for only UK viewers (Just the same as SKY) but who feels guilty about watching that?

It operates from the same ASTRA satellite TV fleet as the existing SKY satellite TV service does, which means your existing satellite dish, and LNB, work without having to be re-aligned.   If you have a twin or quad LNB, then you can still keep your SKY satellite television service, as well as using the same dish setup to provide a BBC / ITV  FREESAT signal to the FREESAT box.   It is too soon to know the “exact signal footprint” but if you or your neighbours can already get SKY satellite television in France, it is believed you will be able to pickup the BBC/ITV FREESAT satellite television signal in France too.

You can already buy the standard definition English satellite television decoder box from around £40-50 and the HIGH DEFINITION satellite TV decoder box from around £120.   Recorder models are due out shortly. There are also TV sets now available with built in satellite TV decoders for the new service.   There is no subscription and the HD programmes are also FREE.

The English satellite TV equipment is already on sale via, Currys, Argos, John Lewis and other large retailers, in the UK. The Freesat boxes will I'm sure be available from various sources in France. There are already numerous English satellite TV installers in France specialising in fitting SKY satellite TV systems.

My own guess, is that the Murdoch empire were unable to reach a satisfactory agreement on providing free digital satellite television coverage of the UK, with H.M. Government, (as they negotiated in Spain) and so BBC / ITV are going to provide it.   Ironic that they will use the same satellites.

I have changed my plans away from a SKY + box to the BBC / ITV FREESAT (with recorder) one which I am now waiting to be delivered to France.

This is not a commercial, just my own thoughts on the subject and I disclaim all responsibility if you fall off the roof, interfere with migrating birds, or cause any damage whatsoever.

Alex Ridsdale.   
Morbihan 56

See the following websites for more info on Freesat free satellite TV in France:


Lots more channels available!

For more information on UK Satellite TV in France and satellite installations in France see:
UK Satellite Systems in France

 English satellite tv in France update Minimize

Update to English Satellite TV in France.

If you want to buy your English TV satellite equipment in Brittany I suggest you contact Andrew Barden of he'll not only supply you with the equipment but he'll fit it for you too. Andrew also carries out repair work and maintenance of existing English TV satellite equipment in Brittany France.

Having carried out a test with the new HD service from freesat we can confirm that it is at least available in Brittany with no modification to an existing Sky satellite dish alignment.

We simply plugged a new Freesat box into the existing satellite tv cable from our existing satellite dish that we've been using to receive Sky satellite tv in France with for the last few years and - it works perfectly.

So now there is no need to subscribe to Sky in order to have HD satellite tv in France and there is no need to have a sky viewing card in order to watch itv television channels.

If you do not already have an HD television you can just buy the Freesat box for normal television quality transmissions, which are currently much less expensive than HD satellite boxes.

If you went and bought a digital satellite decoder from Bricomarche in France you would still be able to receive the freesat channels but the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) would not function correctly.


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