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ADSL in France Broadband in France ISP Choice

Choosing an ISP in France as your provider of ADSL Broadband and telephone services can be a daunting task, especially when you are moving over permanently.

When ADSL Broadband arrived in our village in France with a 2Mb connection it was like all my Christmases had come at once. At first the only option of ADSL ISP was France Telecom with its ISP Wanadoo (now known as Orange).

Orange tends to block some features of ADSL Internet connectivity like port 25. Port 25 is the port that is used to connect to SMTP email servers, this can pose a problem for people trying to send email via their hosted domain name and website package, however I, like many other hosting companies provide alternative SMTP access ports to ensure that people can send outgoing email even if they have ADSL Broadband From Orange in France.

I ditched Orange and France telecom about 5 years ago for a better and much cheaper deal from Alice – my choice wasn't totally based on the fact that their publicity has a rather charming young lady all over it, I checked out the companies backbone and reliability statistics and made the switch to a service that for a start didn't block port 25 like Orange, but also gave me free international calls to landlines and ADSL Broadband access speeds of up to 8Mb, all that and no line rental!!!

I still had my mobile phone with Orange until a few months ago; when I changed to Bouygues Telecom (I will explain about mobile phones in another article soon). I noticed that Bouygues also offered Broadband ADSL in France too and some combined packages where you get your French landline, Broadband ADSL and your mobile phone, with call time packages and unlimted mobile data!!!! All on one contract with significant savings!

Switching ISP ADSL in France

I switched to this new Bouygues Telecom service Called NEO by visiting a local Bouygues Telecom shop. About two weeks later on the day I was leaving to visit the UK on a quick visit, the Alice Internet and telephone stopped working at home, so I plugged in the new BBOX from Bouygues which then synced with the ADSL signal and got an IP address but wouldn't connect to the Internet. I set everything up so that as soon as Bouygues had finished setting our account up it would all work. Guess what IT DID! The following morning while strolling into a English market town with one of my old buddies, I received a text message from Bouygues Telecom saying that I could now use my service. So straight away I telephoned my other half to give her the good news on the home landline... So all in all the entire transfer from one French ADSL provider to another meant that I had 24 hours without Internet or Telephone at home, the entire process went without a hitch. What is more I am now getting 18Mb ADSL connectivity, which saves me huge amounts of time when backing up files from servers in the UK.

The main choice of ISPs in France for ADSL Broadband as tested by us:

ISP ADSL Quality Support Rating Overall
Bouygues Telecom 10 10
Free phone and plenty of stores to walk into
Orange/France Telecom 10 3
Premium number or in their shops slow.
Alice ADSL 10 4
Premium Number
Tiscali 8 4
Premium Number

One problem I had with Alice whose ADSL service was great, was that their after sales service hot line was a premium number, also when I wanted to change my type of contract with them they would not just change it, they insisted I cancel my original contract and take out a new one.

Subsequently with Bouygues I have found that their after sales hotline is Free from a telephone on their network and they have been very good at making changes to options on my account and answering questions. So far I cannot fault them at all. You can also sign up for a BBOX (this is the name of their ADSL Router/Modem Wifi box) in a Bouygues Telecom shop, which also means that if you have a problem you can always go in and see them, which is never as arduous as waiting in line in a France Telecom shop seems to be.

I hope this article helps you choose your provider of ADSL Broadband in France, if you would like to ask a question, please fill in the box below and I will update this article with the most frequently asked questions and answers. I cannot respond to every email in person but will do my best.


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