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Gite sewage treatment - Monday, January 12, 2009

Running a gite business has many problems, one of which is how to deal with the waste water from your property.

Septic tanks are the traditional form individual of sewage treatment in France. However they use lots of land for their filter systems and often smell horrible. The smell of a septic tank system can put your gite holiday makers off their gin and tonic!

The alternative is to fit a Package sewage treatment plant  in France Micro station d'épuration. These units are compact, much more effieicent than a septic tank and they don't smell. For a source of British manufactured systems that are approved to EN12566-3 european regulations see

Google Toolbar PR update - Friday, July 25, 2008
Google is going to update the Google Toolbar PR values in the next few days. You shouldn't see any changes in ranking because the new PR values are already in effect. It is simply an update of the PR value shown on the Google Toobar.

If this doesn't make any sense to you, don't worry about it. 
Update your own Gites websites and save money! - Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We have launched a new Content Management System (CMS) which allows gite owners to create and update their own website whenever they like.

We have been providing the CMS website system to a limited number of clients for a trial period and have now gone live with this fantastic time saving website solution.

It allows you the gite owner to login to your gite website whenever you like....

  • No HTML programming skills required to update your Gite website
  • No specialist software required to update your Gite website
  • No waiting for your webmaster to update your site
  • You have complete control of the content of your website
  • You can not mess it all up with a wrong click of the mouse
  • Your website stays right up to date
  • We can copy the look of your existing website and incorporate it into the CMS gite website.

It is that easy, a quick update can be made from any Internet connected computer, anywhere in the world in a couple of minutes....

Contact us now to discuss this further - click here


 Gites de France

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  Brittany Gites de France News

Gite Tourist Figures in France were up for 2007! - Monday, September 17, 2007 - Friday, September 21, 2007

Despite there being lashings of rain to go around, 2007 reach a 5 year high! Often wonder why when often cheep package holidays can offer more sun.... I guess it's just that France is such a lovely place and has a wonderful culture. Well that explains why I'm here.

Brits are still the top holiday makers in France making up just under 1/5th of the total, with our schnitzel loving neighbours following.

Big winners this year have been indoor activities and museums, with rain showers driving many indoors. Losers are obviously ice cream sellers - fingers crossed for a hot one next year.


Brittany Gite Bookings are up - Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brittany Gite bookings have picked up and are now in top gear! is very busy - existing advertisers are encouraged to ensure their details are up to date and any Gite photos are, where possible bright and sunny!


Gites France Booking Enquiries - Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bookings are a little slow at the moment, this is a seasonal norm. Things will start to pick up again in Easter. Many advertisers are now fully booked for the summer season from and  - Gites-Brittany now displays a list of the most recently updated gites first on a new page - so if you're flagging a little get your Gite advert updated!

Also since the slight makeover of website Brittany Gite hunters are viewing even more pages than ever before!


Advertising Gites in France - Thursday, March 15, 2007
It's not too late to advertise your Holiday Gites in France. People frequently make Gite booking enquiries right through the season even well into August!!! Some areas of France are free to advertise in on - the best site for advertising Gites in Brittany is and the 100 euros that it costs includes your listing on as well as providing real links to your own website!  
Gites Brittany Map - maps of every village town or commune in Brittany - Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally got round to pulling something useful from one of my databases and incorporated it with google maps to give a list of all the communes in Brittany with links to their relevant map and satellite image.  Click here for the Brittany Map Page I will shortly make the same facility available for all of France!


Gites Brittany France - Monday, February 26, 2007

A long awaiting visual update to the number one Brittany Gite website has lead to visitors, visiting twice as many pages.

The new look makes the overall navigation of the Gite website much clearer and appealing.

Visit to see for yourself!


Gite management / maintenance - Thursday, January 11, 2007

Have just setup a content management website package for a company in Brittany offering Gite and property maintenance.

This provides them with a simple interface to take control of the look and content of their own website. They can make updates to their website whenever they want:


Brittany Gites Website Activity - Thursday, December 28, 2006

On both and the website activity as expected has quadrupled since the average before Christmas day.

Enquiries are starting to come in Earnest for 2007.


Brittany Gites Bookings - Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Christmas season is nearly upon us. Everyone is busy preparing to entertain their friends and family. Gites in Brittany are receiving low booking rates at the moment. But this is a normal seasonal trend.

Normally bookings for Gites in Brittany make a huge jump between Christmas and the new year and stay strong in January. They then build in frequency and continue right through the summer Gites Season.

Now is the ideal time to advertise your gites! See: for more details on advertising your Gites in Brittany or elsewhere in France.


Gite in France Advertising Automated! - Monday, August 21, 2006

Finally after many months of hard work I've just about finished automating all the work my ex-wife used to do - well nearly everything.

Seriously though,  the advertising for and is all being fully automated to allow owners of Gites in France to post and edit their own adverts. This includes uploading of Gite photographs, with automatic images thumbnail sizing etc.

I'm just finishing final testing and am hoping to allow some live testing with real Gite Owners by the end of this week! Maybe even tomorrow :)


Brittany Gites Advertising 2006 - Monday, January 16, 2006

The good news is that the start of the new year has seen a sudden increase in Gite enquires in France, undoubtedly aided by problems in places like Turkey having cases of bird flue etc. Also post Christmas thoughts have started to look forward to the easter and summer holidays ahead!

We've also received a large increase in people wanting to advertise their Gites on and this has caused a backlog of work. So apologies to all those waiting for advertising etc. A new member is joing the team later this week to take on board the new enquiries and updates. Gite advertising will be her number 1 priority.

For everyone with Gites in Brittany or Gites anywhere else in France we hope that you all have a very good 2006!


Gites Brittany News & Info - Monday, December 05, 2005

The market is quiet for the time being. After the post holiday Gite booking frenzy people are now thinking more of christmas. After christmas they'll probably be thinking about their credit card bills rather than booking their Brittany Gite holiday. Normally things start to pick up around February for spring holiday Gite bookings, with early summer bookings. Come Spring everyone will be thinking about booking their Brittany Gites for the summer holidays.

Current ferry prices are also making Gite holidays more expensive meaning many clients are choosing to drive from Calais to keep the cost down. Either way a Gite holiday in Brittany is still a cost affective family holiday. Though many couple that aren't particularly Francofiles maybe tempted with cheap flights to further afield.

 Gites Brittany France

Advertising your Gites in Brittany France

I've run Gites in Brittany France and understand the market place. In 2004 the Gites were sold to concentrate on the Internet.

The main problem we had with running our Gites in Brittany France was that the Gites required us to be around at weekends for hand overs etc. and the Internet work required us to be around during the week working and answering the phones. This obviously was not ideal, working 7 days a week split between the Internet and our Brittany Gites.

When we moved to Brittany and started running Gites we took over the existing advertising with Chez Nous that was established by the previous owners of our Gite Complex. Subsequently we published our own Gite website: which then became our sole source of Gite advertising, except for word of mouth and the Mairie sending people to us out of season.

Today the Internet is in my mind No.1 for advertising your Brittany Gites in France but only if your website is ranking well. With having sold the Gites we decided to open up to other people wanting to advertise their Gites and Holiday Cottages in Brittany which is proving to be very successful for those involved. Many of our new clients are regretting spending out large chunks of money and commissions to other companies where we only charge a flat rate for an annual listing.

To address not just the Brittany Gite market we established another Gite website to promote Gites in France generally - This site is also going from strength to strength and currently lists Gites in the following regions:

Gites in Aquitaine
Gites in Brittany
Gites in Centre
Gites in Corsica
Languedoc Gites
Gites in Limousin
Gites in Loire
Gites Midi-pyrénées
Gites in Normandy
Gites Rhône Alpes
Gites Alsace
Gites Auvergne

With more regions in France coming on line all the time. In each category the first 5 Gite advertisers get their first years Gite advertising for free!

Brittany / Holiday Gites France advertising Rates:

Currently to advertise your Gites in Brittany on only costs 75 Euros per annum. To advertise your Gites in France on only costs 50 Euros. If you advertise your Gites in France on both websites we offer a discounted price of 100 Euros for both Gite websites.

To get your French Gites advertised with us now, goto: and complete the enquiry form and we'll get back to you.

 Buying and running a gites business in Brittany France


Having moved lock stock and barrel to Brittany with my wife, daughter and mother in law in December 2000. We took over an existing Gite business, with 6 Gites, a main house, a barn and a swimming pool.

We had about £5000 of bookings for the following holiday season and were optimistic for a bright and sunny future in our own little corner of France.

So it was on the 21th of December 2000 we awoke in our new home, which was full to bursting point with the contents of two houses crammed into one. The cellar was full of my mother in laws furniture, the lounge was packed floor to ceiling with cardboard boxes.

We didn't have enough firewood to see us into the new year and all the sources of firewood were going to be closed until the 2nd of January. So I located my chainsaw and set about pruning some trees in our orchard. Not seasoned but beggars can't be choosers.

The previous owners had relied primarily on advertising in a magazine for gite holidays called Chez Nous. We being seasoned website designers set about setting up a website to generate enquires and answer any questions prospective visitors may have. As is normal with a new website, it took some time to get going with the search engines, so after our first Gite season we paid what felt like a king ransom for another years advertising with chez nous. In fact we needn’t have bothered because our Gite website was soon ranking number 1 on Google.

Our Gite complex with us living on site, gave us the opportunity to get to know our guests. Which served in many ways; you meet some varied and interesting people, make some very good friends and help people to get the most out of their holidays, which often lead to them coming back year after year. One very nice family who kept coming back had previously as a rule never visited the same place twice. In fact one of the hazards of running a Gite complex in France is the never ending offers of beer and wine from your guests. A good practical reason for being on site is to ensure the guests are respecting your property and are not causing damage etc.

How long is the Gite Season in Brittany?

Generally the main holiday season for Gites in Brittany is July & August. We never had any trouble filling July and August. In fact by the end of our second season, due to the repeat clients and the success of we were already full for the following July & August season. June, July and September can provide a useful income stream, but remember the rates will be less. So not only will it be harder to fill a Gite Complex in Brittany to capacity you’ll be doing the same work but for less money. Believe me by the end of September you’ll be longing to get the place back to yourselves so that you can enjoy it and have a rest!

What are the main attractions for Gite Holiday Makers?

It goes without saying that natural attractions like, coastal locations, rivers, lakes etc. are all very attractive for most potential Gite Guests. The single most influential factor most people have when booking a Gite holiday in France is if the Gites have a swimming pool. The swimming pool is not only an added attraction it means you rental rates will be significantly higher too. But this doesn’t always hold true. For instance parents of young families maybe very reluctant to visit a location with deep or running water on site, for obvious reasons.

We found that by catering for families with younger children we managed to fill our Gites in Brittany very easily. This involved setting up a substantial play room, covered table tennis area, fenced in play area with swings & slides etc. I enjoyed spending many an hour pushing my daughter on the swings, this invariably leads to pushing other young children on the swings at the same time, but that’s half of the fun.

Would I recommend it?

If you’re a fairly sociable couple/person then yes you can get a lot out of running Gites. At least one of you must have good interpersonal skills and be adept at dealing with the general public. Even if they appear to be being unreasonable sometimes. We had very few awkward guests in out Brittany Gites, but there were one or two. I know of several couples/families that stayed with us and then made the same decision and are now running Gites in Brittany and further a field as well. Another skill that is almost prerequisite is to be fairly practical and able to cope some or many DIY jobs. If someone breaks a toilet on a Sunday you can’t afford to wait for a plumber to come out, you must be able to get it working again very quickly to keep your clients happy – not to mention the cost of artisans.

I loved having our Gites in Brittany but found that the work levels on the Internet meant that we could choose between doing Gites or the Internet, that and my wife at the time didn’t seem to particularly like having people sharing our property – so be warned – she’s now an ex-wife. I’m still in Brittany France and have no plans of living anywhere else in the world for the moment. As my girlfriend currently lives on the other side of France, if I decide to have some more Gites in Brittany again it will be a small scale operation - to keep it manageable.

Now I provide advertising space on my Gite websites for Gite owners. For Gites in Brittany specifically and for Gites in France all regions: and from time to time I update my Blog about Living in France.


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