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 Website Hosting in France SUPPORT Minimize

If you have a Website Hosting in France technical support question or would like to make a sales enquiry please submit a 'Ticket' to us from our sales and support system:
Brittany Internet Web Hosting Support in France

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It doesn't matter too much where in the world you host your website but generally speaking the nearer to your target audience the better. Which is why we host our websites in the UK.

We have our own dedicated servers in the UK which are configured to provide both 'Normal Website Hosting in France' and also Content Management Systems. Our website hosting packages are run on Windows 2008 servers and Linux servers. Our Linux servers have a full application installer system built in to allow you to install popular CMS packages like Joomla & Mambo, E-Commerce shop website systems like OScommerce & Prestashop as well as forum packages like PHPBB - this is just to mention but a few!!! We are also able to offer Reseller packages at very reasonable rates.

Below you will find explanations about normal website hosting in France and for Content Management Systems in France click here and for some examples of CMS website design using DNN DotNetNuke click here.

With the recent acquisition of new server technology in our UK data center we can now offer Dedicated Servers, Virtual Dedicated Servers and Colocation packages - email for more information.

 Normal Website Hosting in France

Normal Web Site Hosting in France

What is web hosting?

Web site hosting is the term used to describe the process of using a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet to hold your web site. These computers are generally called 'web servers'.

Whenever someone types in your web site address a request will end up at the web server that you address is configured via DNS to point to. That web server hosting your site will then send out the relevant html to the computer that originated the request.

That's all very well but in layman terms what you get is: multiple email accounts, statistical logging of web site traffic, database connections, SSL, ASP, CGI, PHP, FTP and 2 Giga Bytes of bandwidth per month.

What does it cost?

We charge an annual fee of 115 Euros to host a web site with full livestats logging enabled. You get FTP access, a control panel (if required), ODBC connections, POP3 mailboxes, email forwarding and full CGI, PHP and ASP server side programming enabled. If you want to host your site using FrontPage extensions the annual fee is 145 Euros

How do we get you to host our site?

In order for us to host your site you should contact us via email, detailing the domain name(s) that you would like us to host. We'll checkout your domain name(s) and email instructions on the transfer of the domain names. Sometimes if you already have control of the domain name(s) you can simply change the DNS details. Either way it's best to discuss these issues on a case by case basis.

Contact Us now to discuss your web site hosting requirements..

 Content Management Systems in France CMS Minimize

We have selected what we believe to be the very best Content Management System available on the market. We provide this service with custom designed skins to reflect a new or existing website design - we can take pretty much any existing website design and incorporate it almost exactly into our content management system. Often the only difference is that there is a login link on the page!

Click here to learn more about CMS Content Management Systems in France

See some example Content Management System (CMS) designs Click Here

Please contact us to ask more about normal website hosting in France or Content Management Systems in France - Click Here


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