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Re changes at fuel Pumps
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As an update to this, I was putting togther an information page, all information provided by

New names for fuels at the pump, it's here

Diesel, SP98, SP95-E10, GPLc ... Starting on the October 12, 2018, the name of the fuels at the service stations will change, across the European Union and seven neighboring countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey).


Petrol based fuels will be characterised by an E in a circle (followed by a figure showing the maximum permitted level of ethanol-type biofuel):

the SP95 and the SP98 will be E5;

the SP95-E10 becomes E10;

superethanol is shown asE85.


For diesel, the letter used will be the B in a square followed by a number indicating the maximum permitted level of biofuels produced from vegetable or animal oils:

Standard diesel will be named B7;

Diesel fuel containing up to 10% biofuels will be called B10.

Gaseous fuels

The gaseous fuels will be characterised by a rhombus inside which letters will specify the precise type of fuel:

CNG (compressed natural gas) will be the CNG;

LNG (liquefied natural gas) will become the LNG;

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas fuel), LPG.

Please note :

In France, these new names will be accompanied by additional labelling indicating:

  • the common name of the fuel (gasoline SP95 for example);
  • fuel characteristics (percentage of biofuels);
  • the compatibility of this fuel with the vehicles.
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The information page is here:, the changes are meant to take affect today (12th October 2018)

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thanks for the info!

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