DR Congo elections: Report from Goma, living in suspense

The suspense continues in the Democratic Republic of Congo after it rebuked the African Union’s calls to suspend the announcement of final results from the country’s disputed December 30 presidential election. The constitutional court is urgently hearing an appeal over the outcome of the vote to choose a successor to Joseph Kabila after provisional results showed Félix Tshisekedi as the surprise winner. Runner-up Martin Fayulu, for his part, has claimed he was cheated of victory. Tensions are high in the country, particularly in the volatile eastern region of North Kivu.

Colombia car bomb attack reflects 'internal tensions within ELN rebel group'

The Colombian government says that the ELN rebel group was responsible for the car bomb attack on a police academy in Bogota on Thursday. The attack killed at least 21 and injured dozens. The ELN has not released a statement or claimed responsibility for the attack. FRANCE 24 spoke to Kyle Johnson, a Colombia expert at the International Crisis Group, an NGO that carries out research on international conflict. He told FRANCE 24 that the attack reflects “internal tensions” within the group.

DR Congo refuses African Union request to delay release of final vote results

The Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday rejected an African Union demand to delay announcing final results from its presidential election, compounding the turmoil surrounding a chaotic vote that many fear could fan widespread unrest.

Kurdish YPG militia stuck between Turkey and the US

The Kurdish YPG militia is stuck between a rock and a hard place... On one side, Turkey, which considers the militia a terrorist branch of the outlawed PKK, the Kurdistan Workers' Party, and on the other, the United States, which has supported the YPG in its efforts to dislodge the Islamic State Group from its positions in Syria. But US President Donald Trump made a shock decision last month to withdraw all American troops from Syria, leaving the YPG high and dry and having to face an increasingly hostile Ankara on its own.

Japan's modern-day hermits: The world of hikikomori

In Japan, half a million people live isolated in their bedrooms, unable to face the outside world. These modern-day hermits are known as the hikikomori. Since April 2018, the Japanese government has been conducting a nationwide study in a bid to fully understand this strange phenomenon. Once limited to young people, it now affects the whole of Japanese society. Our correspondent reports.


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