'We showed no care for the little ones,' Pope Francis tells Catholics on sex abuse

Pope Francis issued a letter to Catholics around the world Monday condemning the crime of priestly sexual abuse and its cover-up and demanding accountability, in response to new revelations in the US of decades of misconduct by the Catholic Church.

Surviving hyperinflation in Venezuela

In Venezuela, the government has knocked five zeroes off the refurbished Bolívar in a desperate attempt to control hyperinflation. The Bolívar Soberano is anchored to a crypto-currency that was launched earlier this year. In May 2018, Nicolas Maduro was re-elected president in a vote deemed unfair by both the European Union and the United States. Maduro promised to focus on boosting the economy, but Venezuelans are yet to see their lives improve. Report by FRANCE 24's Claire Paccalin.

From Prague Spring to Soviet winter: 50 years since the Warsaw Pact invasion

More than 200,000 Soviet and Warsaw Pact troops invaded Czechoslovakia overnight from August 20 to 21, 1968, to halt a blossoming political and cultural liberalisation, bringing an abrupt end to the Prague Spring and tightening the Kremlin's grip.

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Taliban take over 100 hostage, say officials, as Afghanistan awaits truce response

The Taliban ambushed three buses in northern Afghanistan, taking more than 100 passengers hostage, local officials said Monday, as the government awaited a response to its truce offer during the Eid al Adha festival.


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