India ‘assassination’ plot reaches Paris, but credibility is lost in translation

The arrests of prominent Indian activists last week sparked condemnations across the world. But as details of police attempts to link them to an international assassination plot are starting to emerge, they’re triggering howls of laughter.

FRANCE 24 exclusive: DR Congo’s Bemba calls upcoming election a ‘parody’

Jean-Pierre Bemba, a former DR Congo warlord-turned-politician who has been banned from running in the country’s upcoming presidential election, on Tuesday told FRANCE 24 that the December vote will be nothing but “a parody”.

Skinheads on trial in Paris in death of teenage anti-fascism activist Clément Méric

Three skinheads go on trial on Tuesday in Paris in the death of Clément Méric, an 18-year-old student who became an icon of the antifascist or “antifa” movement after the impromptu 2013 street fight that claimed his life.

Video: Brazil mulls green light for dangerous pesticides

On September 3, a court in Brazil lifted a ban on new licences for products containing glyphosate, a controversial but widely used weedkiller. Brazil is Latin America's largest agricultural power and also the world's biggest consumer of synthetic pesticides, many of which are banned in the European Union. Our correspondents report from north-eastern Brazil, where strong suspicions exist about the negative health impact of these products - but whose marketing and use could soon be facilitated.


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