Documents and Information needed from the vendor for the contract of sale


Information Required

Documents Required (If Applicable)

Purchase :

  • Date of purchase
  • name of notaire
  • name of vendor
  • Copy of title deeds

Name of notaire to act on sale



  • DPE
  • Wood parasite
  • Asbesthos
  • Lead
  • Carrez
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Natural risks



  • copy of passport
  • copy of birth certificate

if relevant :

  • copy of marriage certificate
  • copy of decree absolute
  • copy of civil partnership agreement
  • status of company

Have there been any change of land registry – land surveys ?

  • date and name of land surveyor
  • land survey
  • division plan

Have there been any insurance claims by you due to damage on the property?

  • If yes, declaration of damage

What do you know about the sanitation system for the property?

  • latest control to date
  • invoice for works
  • certificate of conformity for sanitation

Are there any particular easements on the property?


Works carried out on the property within the last 10 years :

  • list of works carried out personally by vendor
  • list of works carried out by building companies or artisans
  • company Invoice for works
  • decennial guarantees

Construction Declarations/Planning Permission

Have any planning permissions or declarations of works been made concerning the property since purchase?

  • zoning certificate
  • planning permission
  • declaration of works
  • conformity certificate
  • plans

Fitted units, equipment, fixtures and fittings

  • list of fixtures, fittings and equipments which are part of the sale
  • Fitted equipment to be kept by the vendor. (i.e. ornamental light fittings or appliances etc.)

Administrative documents

Please confirm that contracts are connected and will stay opened until the sale goes through

  • electricity bill
  • water bill
  • gas bill or contract
  • taxe foncière bill
  • taxe habitation bill
  • rubbish collection bill
  • insurance attestation

Property maintenance documents :

  • maintenance contracts for boiler or other equipment
  • latest chimney sweep attestation
  • latest invoice for emptying of septic tank
  • other relevant documentation ?



Information provided by

Agence Arguenon

Tel: 02 96 39 96 73

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